Multiversity (provisional) Reading Order List

Main storyline collected in: Multiversity

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This reading order is also available in a full graphical format.

A provisional list of solicits for the Multiversity reading order. I'll be adding more titles as the solicits are released whilst also hopefully keeping the reading order up-to-date.

Last updated 17th September 2014 with December's solicits.

The Multiversity 1: The House of Heroes 01 October 2014
The Multiversity: The Society of Super-Heroes: Conquerors of the Counter-World 1: 01 November 2014
The Multiversity: The Just 1: 01 December 2014
The Multiversity: Pax Americana 1: 01 January 2015
The Multiversity: Thunderworld 1: 01 February 2015